Rocktasia - 11 Songs

by The Tooners

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Contemporary Classic Rock concept album of life in the age of Free Love.

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released May 3, 2013

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ABOUT "THE HAIGHT" BOOK: When a young college student gets off the bus at the corner of Haight and Ashbury Streets in San Francisco he is mistaken for a mysterious musician whose reputation has preceded him. He is taken in by a group of hippies and soon meets a young lady, a college student volunteer, who sees him as a comfortable bridge between her middle class world and the world of the hippies with whom she is fascinated. Together they live an Alice In Wonderland existence as they experience psychedelic rock concerts, acid trips, the realities of a marijuana based economy and the violence and prejudice of straight society. It is one summer vacation he'll never forget. A real trip.

The Tooner’s debut full length CD, Rocktasia, tells the story of Neal and Greg’s lives in rock & roll including all the sex and drugs, Vietnam War era draft and the colorful characters met along the way.


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The Tooners Los Angeles, California


THE TOONERS are a multimedia rock and roll band from Los Angeles who not only produce their own original music but also illustrate their songs and award winning (Chicago International Film Festival) fully animated music videos. ... more

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Track Name: I'm Growing Away From You

When we were young you always loved to dare.
You’d take a bet anytime, anywhere.
It’s not that you had a needed to win.
The risk of losin’ was what the thrill was in.

I’m growing away from you.
And you don’t know what to do with me.

You take my hand then you run into the street.
Expecting me to tag along at your feet.
I may pull you back or I’ll just let you go.
I’ll walk by your side but I do not follow.

You’re a comet in the night, I’ll still see morning’s light.

I’m growing away from you.
And you don’t know what to do with me.
Track Name: Backstabber

Look me in the eye, try to deny
The love you gave to me was no more than a lie.
Sacrifice your guise, tell me it's not true,
Things you said behind my back,
Things I said to you.

Backstabber - All they ever do, all they ever do is turn on you.
Backstabber - All they ever do, all they ever do is twist & turn the knife.

Tell me to my face, allege your case
What makes you feel so cool among the human race.
How can I erase what everybody knows
You made a fool of me & now my anger grows.

Backstabber - All they ever do, all they ever do is turn on you.
Backstabber - All they ever do, all they ever do is twist & turn the knife.

Don't you know that I have feelings too
I would never do the same to you.
Thought you were different from the rest.
Why did you put our love to the test.

Backstabber - All they ever do, all they ever do is turn on you.
Backstabber - All they ever do, all they ever do is twist & turn the knife.
Track Name: Eve Of New Year

Eve of new year Resolutions filled the air it seemed.
Not knowing fear I dove in and up a salmon stream.

Caught by the view Of a face to launch a thousand ships.
Eyes of ocean blue A pair of lips to cause a thousand slips.
I knew...

I’d marry a girl who looked like you.

Which line to use? The lady had no lack of company.
But I need no ruse. She is here for me, it is our destiny to fuse.

I’d marry a girl who looked like you.
Track Name: They Died Young

The king went to battle with the nation's sons.
Sitting high in the saddle with consequences shunned.
Couldn't hear the rabble just the carnage of the guns.
They died young. They died young.

The draft board called my name but I didn't hear.
They shackled me in blame but I was in the clear.
It's generals who gain fame while mothers shed more tears.
They died young. They died young.

Parents raise their sons for years. and teach them wrong from right.
Giving hopes to quiet fears. through love sons grew & strived.
Suddenly a harbinger, a wire in the night.
Now is known his greatest fears, their son has lost his life.

The nation saw the dying & it mourned & grieved
By bathing in it's buying & glorifying greed
But ’neath gravestones are lying the waste of human seed
Who died young. They died young.
Track Name: I've Seen Love In My Dreams

There's something going on inside my mind I don't know what you see.
There's something going on inside my mind is it real or just fantasy.
Where love and amity abound blythe spirits humming hallowed sounds.
Sweet music just to hear the sound in the realm from which my soul belongs.

I've seen love in my dreams.

There's something going on that's so divine I wonder what you see.
There's loving going on that's yours & mine we can share this reality.
Where lonliness & death aren't real, imagine never having fear.
An omniscient voice within can heal in the minds of those who long to hear.

In my dreams so many visions.
In my dreams love never sleeps.

There's something going on within our minds I know someday we'll see.
There's nothing going on without our minds on our road to eternity.
Track Name: Paid To Die

They told me the band was new
And all that I was supposed to do
Was get ‘em to the shows, don’t let ‘em overdose
Until the tour was through

Because I'm Paid to die, they know I guard the band.
Paid to die, I’m livin’ high while I still can.

Through the South with Knights of fire
Receiving flack through chicken wire
Truck stop grills, girls and pills,
Like a gun for hire.

The road is all I’ve known.
The stage my domain, a bus my home.
Track Name: Let Others Dream

How a night so dark could be so warm.
Sheets are torn and others worn away.
So little time tonight, the moon is paid in full
I fight it’s pull as shadows turn to gray.

Let others dream, let others dream tonight

How long will it be till I see you in the light?
Hold me tight, don’t let me slip away.
The nightingales accompanied in off key harmony
In a reveille with the lark who greets the day.

Let others dream, let others dream tonight
Dream away on our sleepless night.

And in the morning she’s why I’m late for work
As I grab my keys and I grab a shirt.
Another day goes by. I watch it die.
Glad it’s gone, it took so long.
Track Name: Paradise

Paradise, oh yea, paradise
That's what we are searching for.
Paradise, oh yeah, paradise
We all want something more.

Well, we all have a dream
About what paradise means.

Well, I saw paradise when I saw your eyes
And your eyes met mine.
I saw paradise when I saw your eyes
And I saw paradise was mine.
Track Name: Together All This Time

Another night I spend with you.
I can't believe it's not a dream.
Cause every night I spend with you
Beneath the stars it's heaven's scene.
Feeling's forever the way you look at me
And I know from the way we touch we've always been

Together all this time.
With all our fantasies throughout the galaxies.
Together all this time.
This must be destiny, baby you & me.
Together all this time.
We play the dating game, we play the mating game.
Together all this time.
Working nine to five to keep our dreams alive.

I never met a girl like you.
I used to lie alone in bed .
You came around as if you knew
I'd fall in love, and then you said.
Love is forever. Won't you spend it all on me.
Lie beside me and gently whisper we'll always be

Together all this time.
No matter what you're told just watch your life unfold.
Together all this time.
Play our rock & roll, it really soothes the soul.
Together all this time.
We make love at night it makes us feel allright.
Together all this time.
We're the best of friends I hope it never ends.
Track Name: Heat Of The Night

In the heat of the night the boy took his own life.
His family & friends & foe will never know what tore his soul.
Now melancholy memories survive.

Pressures mounting everywhere he'd contemplate the modern dare
To pull the plug, he wasn't scared to die.
He had no crowd, low self esteem so sensitive at seventeen
Emotions kept concealed, no one knew why.

Mom & dad had done their best to give the boy their love and zest
But they themselves had needed rest that day.
For some the world is open wide but this boy could only run & hide.
The moment came for him to slide away.

In the heat of the night the boy took his own life.
His family & friends & foe will never know what tore his soul.
Perhaps they'll meet again some day in another world not far away.
And reconcile dejected thoughts of memories of years apart.
The mysteries of life remain, the answers lie within to ascertain.

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